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After several years managing projects for a multi-national general contractor, Galbraith Construction was created to serve the need for a company that had the knowledge and skill to provide building services for commercial property managers and business owners. As a company small enough to be intimately involved with its clients but with the experience of the large firms, Galbraith Construction Company's reputation for quality and service quickly became the driving force behind its success.

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Pioneers of visual computing in the fields of video games, movie production, product design, medical diagnosis and scientific research.

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St. David’s HealthCare is committed to providing patients with integrated, compassionate and individualized quality care for the full spectrum of brain, spine and nerve conditions..

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St. David’s North Austin Medical Center provides exceptional care to every patient every day with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride.

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Our Clients

We are proud to partner with a wide range of owners, architects and property managers to produce diverse and stunning work spaces for the healthcare, technology and government sectors.


Thank you for the great work your team did on our 3rd floor renovation project at the Norwood Tower. It was a complicated project for many reasons—historical building, issues with plans, and so on. We sincerely appreciate your team, and especially Howard Smith, for seeing everything through. Your team was very responsive at every twist and turn, and helped navigate challenges by offering smart solutions that did not cost a fortune. Thank you for your patience as we went through the process. The space is beautiful, and we are enjoying it very much. Employees on our other floors are jealous that they do not office in such a neat space. Thank you for responding so quickly to small fixes after we moved in. I enjoyed working with you, Howard, David and the entire Galbraith team. Look forward to seeing you soon!


On behalf of NVIDIA, I want to thank you and your entire team for the excellent work you did for us in constructing our new office in Austin. NVIDIA can be a challenging client, so we like to work with only the best. You lived up to that expectation. Our employees are settling in to their new environment on time and on budget. By all accounts we have achieved the objectives we set out at the beginning of the project, and our new lab environments are first class. Thanks again, and when we have work again in Austin we will give you a call.

John Hankey NVIDIA

Word has reached me that your work has been completed for our new tenant, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, and that you and your firm did an outstanding job! A project of this magnitude surely must be a challenge — made even more arduous, I am told, by special considerations required by our tenant. Your construction capabilities, interpersonal skills, attention to detail and diligence reflect very highly on you — and I might add — on the building and the LBJ Holding Co. as well. For Myself, The LBJ Co. and our affiliate owners in the tower of the hills, I want to say thank you, thank you.


My colleagues in Austin have nothing but the highest praise for their new office space, and I want to express my personal appreciation to you for your exemplary efforts as the primary general contractor. One area I would especially like to mention is the construction of the Sensitive Compartmental Information Facility. While you had supervised the completion of this Facility to the exact standards provided initially, it was decided that several alterations were needed. You promptly responded to our requested modifications and personally supervised the additional construction and ensured it was accomplished in advance of the agreed-upon completion date. We are most grateful for your hard work and commitment to detail and overall excellence. Our Austin Resident Agency office space is truly an outstanding facility and certainly reflects your personal pride in your work. My associates join me in extending warmest thanks for your wholehearted support.


I am sending this as a letter of thanks and commendation for the work you performed on our office remodel. You transformed this building from an unsightly and unusable floor plan to a place that we are excited to show off to our patients and friends. You not only did this at a pace that was hard to believe, but also completed the project at or below budget. Your close involvement and oversight ensured that the work got done in a timely manner and was done correctly. It was as if you were completing this project for yourself and not for a customer. I would and will recommend you to anyone planning commercial construction or remodel. Once again, THANK YOU!


I am writing this note to say that working with Galbraith Construction was simply a pleasure. The crew that Richard works with is professional and each one takes such pride in their work it comes through to the end result. The end result is exactly if not more than what you have in mind. Our job was finished before the original date given to GCC and on top of that there was no punch list. None of us could find one thing wrong with the beautiful suite. I would not for a minute hesitate recommending Richard and his crew. They are simply the best!


Richard Galbraith and the Galbraith Construction Company have been the general contractors for three major office expansions for my medical office over the past twelve years. The first expansion was a Texas State Department of Health approved ambulatory surgical center (ASC). The project consisted of a two-room operating room suite and all the supporting facilities for a stand-alone surgical center. Galbraith Construction Company completed the project in 100 days and it was approved for occupancy by the State Department of Health at the conclusion of that time. This is an unusually short period of time to complete an ambulatory surgical center from rough-in space to final occupancy. We have continued to use the ambulatory surgical center for the past twelve years and have been extremely pleased with that project. The second project was completed approximately five years ago and consisted of an expansion of the clinical practice area to accommodate additional physicians. The expansion was approximately 3,000 square feet in area and was completed in a timely fashion. It also included refurbishing of our current 5,000 square foot space. We were extremely pleased with the work that was done after hours and on weekends. The final phase that has just been completed is the establishment of a free-standing medical spa and facility for our nurses and aesthetician to provide clinical and aesthetic skin care to our pre and postoperative patients. Once again, the project entailed a great deal of architectural input into a facility that by any standards is one of the best in the City in my opinion. The final project also consisted of further expansion of our clinical office area to accommodate additional physicians. The latter part of this work, again, had to be done after hours and on weekends. In summary, it is obvious that we have been quite pleased with the work that Galbraith Construction Company has done for Texas Oculoplastic Consultants over the years. We would not hesitate to use them again as our expansion requires in the future.


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